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Moscow Distillery Cristall has been the absolute leader in its industry sector over the last decade: the enterprise occupies the 1st line in the ranking of Russian alcohol producers in terms of production volume based on Q1 2009 results, the ranking is available with the National Alcohol Association. Average annual production volume of the distillery amounts to 158 mln liters produced on 12 fully automatic manufacturing lines.
Moscow Distillery Cristall has always paid special attention to quality management and has been working in accordance with ISO standards since 1994. In the year of 2002 Cristall Distillery became the first enterprise in its industry sector acquiring international ISO 9001:2000 certificate issued by SGS Switzerland SA International Certification Services. In July 2005 followed certification for ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard compliance by EVROCERT (Belgrade), ÖQS (Vienna) and IQNet.

Above all Moscow Cristall distillery is listed in the Russian Register of natural and safe products producers.

Moscow distillery Cristall is a modern high-tech enterprise fitted out with state-of-the-industry equipment producing fine quality vodka-liqueur products. Each production stage is monitored in several check points allowing to comply with the highest quality standards.

The raw spirit is produced at Cristall’s own facilities from the best quality grain undergone washing before distillation process. The distillery disposes of crude alcohol rectification plant allowing to keep the highest quality standards irrespective of initial raw stock quality.

Water smoothness is provided by purification system including unique charcoal filters and membrane technology.

Proportion of water and alcohol is correlated in terms of molecular weight, water-alcohol mixture undergoes double filtration.

Exclusive technology of vodka chilling prior bottling significantly reduces harmful substances content in the beverage. The implemented technology of caps and bottles rinsing allows to remove microdust and achieve crystal clarity of the beverages. Numerous chemical tests and independent reviews of the products reveal the content of fusel oils and aldehydes much lower than the one permitted by the state standard (GOST).

Etalon Medal Posolskaya (Ambassador) Zimnaya doroga (Winter Way) Prazdnichnaya (Holiday) Staraya Moskva (Old-time Moscow)
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